Resources for employment

Resources for employment Valuation and Orientation Teams Support Services for Labor Integration Labor Advisory Team Occupational training Bonuses for hiring people with disabilities Early retirement Special Employment Centers Self-occupation

Resources for private transportation

Resources for private transportation Driving license and adaptation of the vehicle Tax exemptions and reductions Parking card for people with reduced mobility Public parking reservations Individual parking reservations Rental of adapted vehicles

Resources for financial support

Resources for financial support Provision of temporary work incapacity Compensation for accident or occupational illness Benefits for permanent work incapacity Disability pension Early retirement Pension for children with disabilities Pension of orphanhood Pension in favor of relatives Guaranteed income for citizenship Assistance for the rehabilitation of residential and residential buildings Financial support for specific products…

Resources for basic management

Resources for basic management Assessment of disability Assessment of dependence Obtaining the Disability Credential Card Obtaining the Parking Card Cards for discounts or exemptions in transport matters Sanitary cards Processing of the ID number remotely from home